(Corporate Real Estate Services)

Transaction Process Management

Process Management Managing the entire transactional procedure including banking, rules/regulations ,and funds handling procedure, with confidentiality. They evaluate the financial feasibility of the deals and update contracts to benefit the company and prevent legal troubles from recurring. 


As a property management company, we help maintain tenant relationships and overall up keep and ensure you are in profit. We minimize risk factors, organize tax filings, and work on your liquidation plan while reducing your valuable time and costs.

Process Management

In all approaches for long-term cash flow or short term cash gain, micro to macro strategy is critical. At Trifecta, we work with a macro patience perspective and perform on three factors for long-term real estate preference that includes, market, growth, and quality of institutes.

Project Feasibility

Experts in numbers, tentative calculations, anticipating events and keeping the target audience in view. The team conducts a thorough feasibility study to give you peace of mind and make decisions without worrying about negative repercussions. 

Real Estate Services

Operating on small to mega properties, contracts, yearly contracts, finances/fees, and legal problems. Ensuring to deliver more projects on time and within budget. Portfolio management helps organizations prioritize their project pipeline and focus on yielding business value.

Sale Solution

Channeling with Brokers, advertising/marketing using the latest methods: traditional and electrical media. Organizing terms and conditions with different companies when the property is ready.