Branding & Marketing

Product Recognition

Building brand awareness, managing brand reputation, engaging community, gaining market insights, identifying concerns and providing answers through communication platforms, and enhancing  internal transmissions.

Tangible Marketing

The traditional and trending marketing methods consist of print media, magazines, newspapers, posters, pamphlets, business cards, and other promotional items. The cycle of which will be defined in the branding and marketing strategy.

Social Media Presence

Creating internet marketing tactics, graphics, eCommerce optimization, advertising on different platforms, and other digital marketing methods.
Introducing a brand, gaining attention, and formulating unique concepts for reaching the right audience.


Print marketing, demo graphic selection to place ads in places where they will be seen, heard, or engaged more often. Setting up a marketing budget for PR and campaigns, including arranging expos, road shows, and media engagement.

Bubble Marketing/Competency Base

Involving local communities for brand value to raise brand awareness. Running promotions, local campaigns, taking a role in trade shows, and gabbing the market’s attention.

Theme Base Strategy

Building strategy to develop an affinity  with the target audience, creating mnemonics and executable ideas, learning about potential customers’ actions, creating call-to-actions, and formulating particular talking points that interests a particular community. The strategy is based on all the information gathered from potential buyers and interested audiences.